The Dolphin and Whale Holiday of a Lifetime!

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“One of the best places in the world to see whales and dolphins”

sperm whales azores

Sperm Whales are resident around the Azores islands in large numbers as they come here to breed.


We offer weekly whale-watching holidays with flexible arrival and departure dates. We also offer our Blue Whale Ocean Giants Tours in May which have some special added extras as well as the trips to sea.

The Azores is one of the best places in the world to see whales and dolphins. It is remote and the waters are rich in nutrients which attracts huge numbers of whales and dolphins. This is a very exciting opportunity and it is common on all trips to sight sperm whales and a variety of other cetaceans. There is a good chance to see blue whales (the biggest mammal on earth) as well as fin whales and humpback whales in the spring. There are at least 15 different species frequently sighted. Our guests are blessed with seeing huge numbers of whales and dolphins throughout the season.

“The numbers of boats are well regulated and the animals are approached responsibly with minimum disturbance”

There are phenomenal numbers of dolphins and whales in the Azorean waters. The islands are a major meeting place for both humans and cetaceans and attract scientists, naturalists, international photographers and divers as well as some tourists. They are also a port of call for transatlantic yachtsmen.Close encounter initiated by a whale!

Whale in waveConversations on land buzz with tales of recent adventures and discoveries. In the ocean there is a similar rich exchange of communication, as the many different resident and transient species of 6dolphin and whale converge at what is sometimes referred to as “The Cetacean cross-roads of the world.” It is not uncommon to meet pods of between 50 and 200 dolphin, leaping with exuberance and vitality around the boats.

Some species display a delightful curiosity and are very sociable with us above and below the water. Our whale and dolphin watch company is one of the most established on the islands and offers a wealth of experience and expertise.


“We were on the cat and a huge gasp went up from everyone on board; a fin whale had swum in front of the boat and opened its mouth out of the water to feed. It was only a split second but that sight is engraved on my memory.” Margaret Merris May 2018


Our local boat company have been taking people to see the whales and dolphins for 20 years and are regarded as the “experts”. The skippers have great skill and sensitivity in approaching the animals and you will learn a lot from the resident marine biologist.

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Your local guides will teach you about the species you might see whilst on the water