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<h4>4**** Exclusive Group Tour with Expert Guide – Horta, Faial Island, Azores</h4> &nbsp;

Tour duration: 7 nights  2015 tour dates: 09 May – 16 May 2015 &amp; 16 May – 23 May 2015 <div align=”center”>

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</div> Our 4**** accommodation with trips to sea on a Catamaran offers a comfortable and relaxed exclusive group tour.  This holiday is based in the ocean front Hotel Do Canal with breathtaking views over the bay and Pico Mountain. During the week you will take 3 full days out to sea on our large, well equipped Catamaran hosted by our expert guide Lisa Steiner, who is a resident marine biologist in the Azores. Lisa shares her wealth of whale research here both onboard and with talks and presentations. Ideally located, everything is within easy walking distance from where you can explore the delights of this lively harbour town which is an international port of call for transatlantic yachts. <h4>Our Hotel</h4> Hotel Canal is a 4 star hotel about 2 minutes walk from where the boat is moored Breakfast is served from a buffet, with fresh fruits, breads, hot dishes and cereal. There is a small fitness centre, a Jacuzzi and sauna. A sunroom and lounge with comfortable chairs and great views to Pico over the harbour are located on the 1st floor. The hotel is close to the beach at Porto Pim and the famous Peter’s Café Sport. <h4>Whales and the Boat</h4> <div align=”center”>

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</div> Onboard the Catamaran, which takes 12 people, you can enjoy excellent sightings from the high viewing platform and relax on the comfortable decks and loungers. Lunch is served in between exciting sightings on this stable boat. There are toilet facilities onboard with a walkway to board the boat. We have chosen these dates in May to offer you the best chance to see the migrating baleen whales, a unique gathering of huge, ravenous Blue, Fin and Sei Whales who are attracted to these nutrient rich waters by the spring phytoplankton bloom! They stay in the area to feed and our expert land based lookouts can direct our boats to the action! <h4>Location and getting there</h4> <div align=”center”>

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</div> Fly to Horta on Faial Island (see our section on getting there) and you will be met at the airport, transferred to your hotel and welcomed by our guide. The town of Horta has a classic ‘maritime feel’ and you will have plenty of time to explore local attractions. A visit to Horta is incomplete without a visit to the famous “Peter’s Bar” frequented by transatlantic yacht crews offering colourful tales of their time at sea! These crews paint momentos of their journey on the harbor walls. <h4>Costs, what’s included and Booking</h4> <div align=”center”>

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</div> Includes complimentary welcome drinks and group meal with guide at the beginning and the end of the tour. The prices per person for this tour is £950pp (single person supplement £190). This includes airport transfers, 3 full day trips to sea with lunch onboard, 7 nights 4**** hotel accommodation in the Hotel do Canal with breakfast included, full guide services, marine biology talks and presentations Extra activities that can be enjoyed include Island tours, the “Caldeira” or canyon, ramatic geological formations, the ancient buried city ruins and vineyards. The guide will accompany the group on trips to local restaurants on a few evenings to contrast eating in the hotel.

<b>How your participation in this tour helps fund local research by Lisa and her team. </b>

Participating on this tour helps fund Lisa and her team’s research in the Azores. Their commitment to improving the environment is outstanding and we would like to point out just a handful of their many achievements so far: <ul>  <li>Doubled the Azores sperm      whale photo-ID catalogue to over 3000 individual animals</li>  <li>Identified the first ever      matches of individual whales seen between the Azores, Canaries &amp;      Madeira</li>  <li>Discovered the first matches      of male sperm whales between the Azores and Norway</li>  <li>Discovered 13 females that      have made return trips between the Azores and the Canary Islands</li>  <li>Collected skin samples and      photographic data on Azorean sperm whales and 19 other species</li>  <li>Participated in the first      sighting of a North Atlantic Right whale for 100 years</li>  <li>Presented our findings to      the scientific community via the European Cetacean and Marine Mammal      Society conferences, and the journals of the University of the Azores and      the International Whaling Commission</li>  <li>Helped the Azores tourism      industry by bringing low impact tours to the islands and given nearly 500      people a great holiday</li>  <li>Increased awareness of the      cetaceans to the people of the islands, showing them that they are      benefiting from the cetaceans, without having to hunt them.</li>  <li>Raised thousands of pounds      for local causes and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)</li>  <li>Taken local school children      out for free trips to see the cetaceans</li>  <li>Worked with the local      government to introduce regulations to help protect the cetaceans from      harassment</li>  <li>Worked with the Portuguese      tourist office to help promote the Azores and assisted other local whale      watching companies to get established</li> </ul> &nbsp;


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</div> <h1>Sample itinerary</h1> <h4>4**** Exclusive Group Tour with Expert Guide – Horta, Faial Island, Azores</h4> ( You are free to plan your own free time around the boat schedule – see Other Activities around the islands)

Your guide will offer various presentations to fit around the schedule and each evening at 6 pm there will be a talk from a specialist about research projects on the dolphins and whales around the islands. <h3>Day1</h3> Arrivals Welcome briefing and introductions, complimentary drinks, orientation in the local area. You have time for a rest! Schedule of whale and dolphin watching boat trips discussed and meeting the team. <h3>Day 2</h3> Audio-visual briefing about the whales and dolphins of The Azores: presentation by our resident Marine Biologist with lots of images, video and information on whale watching and the marine life in the Azores

PM Boat trip 1 Whale watching activity and complimentary drinks on return and discussion with guides on the day’s sightings.

Presentation about extra activities on the island. <h3>Day 3</h3> AM Boat trip 2 Whale watching activity and complimentary drinks on return and discussion with guides on the day’s sightings

PM Visit to the information centre, whaling museum. A walk to the “vigia” or lookout tower and meet the man with the binoculars who can spot the whales from 30 km, try your own spotting skills! Learn about the history of whaling in the Azores at local whaling museum and information centre.

Do some shore based whale watching and bird watching. Or extra snorkelling time in the lagoon or trip on a sea kayak <h3>Day 4</h3> AM Boat trip 3- Whale watching activity and complimentary drinks on return and discussion with guides on the day’s sightings

PM Optional Jeep tour of the Island (4 hours ) to see the islands geology, the volcano and caving and climbing, visiting famous sightseeing spots revealing the Island’s history. Both tours have a visit to the vineyards with an exceptional wine tasting activity included serving local culinary delicacies, a cultural museum and activities for the children, see other activities around the islands. <h3>Day 5</h3> AM Boat trip 4 Whale watching activity and complimentary drinks on return and discussion with guides on the day’s sightings

PM excursion to the caves. You are taken underground in this tolkein ‘esque world with an expert guide. The lava tunnels are made from the volcanic eruptions ( those wanting to do a volcano climb could also fit this in to the itinerary at this time) Or take a mountain bike ride or explore the lagoon on a sea kayak <h3>Day 6</h3> AM Boat trip 5 Whale watching activity and complimentary drinks on return and discussion with guides on the day’s sightings

PM Take a nature walk on one of our trails, exploring the wildlife inland, nature reserve or free time relaxing <h3>Day 7</h3> Extra trip to sea ( or a replacement trip if any days lost due to weather)

OR possible volcano climb all day for those wanting to make the ascent!

Our whale watch base has some great souvenirs to purchase.

Final dinner at hotel with other group members

Evening Presentation slide show by local Nikon prize winning skipper/ photographer of beautiful marine photography taken in the Azores. Completion of holiday.

&nbsp; <h3>Day 8</h3> Departures with transfer to the airport

Any other catch up activities or extra



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