Lisa first camlisae to the Azores in 1988, after graduating from the University of Miami, as part of the IFAW research team on “Song of the Whale”. She was responsible for the cataloguing and matching of sperm whale fluke identification photographs and for analysing all other sightings. Since then, she has been a naturalist on board whale watching vessels in the Azores, passing on her knowledge to guests. Lisa has published several scientific papers on Azorean cetaceans and presented her work to the Marine Mammal and European Cetacean Societies. She has worked on other research projects involving bottlenose dolphin in Alabama and Miami, humpback whales in Hawaii, minke whales in Scotland, fin whales in the Cape Verde islands and Northern Right whale search in Bermuda. Lisa is the on-board naturalist during your tour and with 25 years of experience will be able to answer your questions.