A magnificent place for nature lovers and eco-tourism!

The Azores islands are pristine and unspoilt. Their geographical location and remoteness has preserved their natural heritage both on land and in the protected marine environment. Few locations in the world offer such immaculate landscape and exceptional marine wildlife. The abundance of dolphins and whaazores maples around the islands make the Azores one of the key locations worldwide for whale and dolphin watching. People who love dolphins and whales come from all over Azores lakes and landscapethe world to this location as the sightings are so exceptional. The volcanic origins of the islands have created mountains and valleys which are covered by luxurious and varied vegetation.

One can gaze at the large lakes in the ancient volcanic craters from the impressive mountainous peaks above. The hot water springs form pools which one can bathe in and there are many thermal hot water falls around the island formed from the active geo-thermal processes. The island utilises this geo-thermal energy for an impressive sustainable energy programme.

The stunning landscape is surrounded Blue Ocean. The traditional houses set in picturesque scenery in the small villages have been preserved throughout time. The islands have been designated a UNESCO world heritage site and are truly a unique and outstanding destination for your holiday.

Azores mapThe Azores archipelago is situated in the Atlantic ocean 1000 miles west of Portugal. There are 3 groups of islands, the Eastern group ( Sao Miguel, Santa Maria), the Central group ( Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge, Teceira and Graciosa) and the Western group ( Corvo and Flores) It is the only land between America and Europe.

With active volcanoes, crater lakes, moss-­‐draped forests and shores composed of swirls of lava, this is an archipelago packed with natural drama

Emma Gregg, Travel Writer –  www.emmagregg.com

A Portuguese territory, the nine islands, dominated by a volcanic mountain range, offer a rare and unspoilt natural beauty, having retained their cultural integrity and escaped the rHiking in the Azoresavages of commercial tourism. There is a wild and elemental quality here, the ocean’s presence is never far away and breathing the air alone is invigorating. Some people say, it is the last vestiges of the Hot thermal inlets in the Azoreslost continent of Atlantis! Hot springs steam into the fresh and unpolluted air. There are meadows filled with the scent of wild herbs and vivid, colourful flowers line the roads. It is quite the perfect setting to relax and slow down.

These holidays are an adventure. People come alone or in couples or groups of friends, families with children. What we offer is an active experience of the Whales and dolphins, which is very exhilarating and the opportunity to spend time in the regenerating power of nature and explore these remote islands.

Ben Fogle visits the Azores

The TV celebrity Ben Fogle is the Azores celebrity ambassador and is a big fan of the Islands



The Azores has an equable climate all year round. We have found the summer to be the best time for our trips. Temperatures range from a mild Azores beach16°C (60°F) in winter to a comfortable 26°C (79°F) in summer. The sea is warmed by the Gulf Stream. Sea temperatures in summer are 20-22°C.