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Swimming with dolphins is a wonderful way to see dolphins in their natural habitat. Looking into the crystal-clear ocean depths wearing a mask and snorkel you can have encounters with these very curious and playful mammals. Watching their exquisite movements and listening to a symphony of sound you feel part of their magical world.

“The holiday of a lifetime – the Azores is one of the best places in the world to swim with wild dolphins”

Swimming with dolphins for families - sliderMemorable moments

You will take home some beautiful memories that are guaranteed to stay with you. Guests coming with close family and friends will treasure moments shared on this adventure of a lifetime and you will have some amazing stories to tell everyone back home!

Boat trips out to the dolphins and special program

You can immerse yourself in the underwater world of the dolphins taking 3-5 trips (3-hour duration) to sea with our expert dolphin swim guides. You will be given preparation information before you arrive, a training in best practice and safety on the water, and how to approach the dolphins and develop confidence. You will also be given presentations about dolphin behaviour, so at the end of the week you will feel you really know a lot about these beautiful marine mammals.

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5-7 Day Holiday

Our swimming with wild dolphins experience is taken as part of a 5 or 7-night package with accommodation, transfers and full guide services. We ensure your time with us gives you the best opportunities.


Holiday program overview

Prepare to meet the dolphins:

Pre-trip preparation information, what to expect, instructions and safety briefing, getting on and off the boat will ensure that by the time you see the dolphins, you will be an expert, relaxed and confident with them which means the encounters will be even more special

helping child into the waterPractice and get confident swimming:

Take to the open sea with masks, snorkel, and fins. Take 3-5 boat trips to see the dolphins – each time is different and as you get the hang of it you will have more amazing experiences.

Our expert dolphin swim guides are there to ensure you get the most from this activity. They give instruction and support on board, and look after your safety every step of the way. They will give you tips on how to have really great encounters and ensure everyone on board gets the best opportunities.

pair of dolphinsApproach dolphins with respect:


Learn responsible boat approaches from our expert skippers and how to behave in the water resulting in minimum disturbance to the dolphins’ natural behaviour. This also means the animals will be calm with us rather than swimming away to avoid us!

Learn about the Azores dolphins:

Behaviour, communication and interesting scientific facts about how they live. The marine biologists will offer fascinating presentations during your holiday with information on conserving the habitat of the dolphins.

Welfare of the wild dolphins:

We do everything to minimize disturbance upon the dolphins and their habitat. We invite our guests to be involved, giving feedback when on the water and ensuring all operators are following the best practice guidelines.

almost touching dolphinBest Encounters with dolphins:

The week-long program ensures you get the best opportunities for sightings and that you become skilled and relaxed in the water swimming with wild dolphins, so they accept you as part of their world. They can be very curious! Your trips are booked in advance going out from less-crowded areas. If there is any bad weather you will be given priority replacement of trips.


Watch our short clip – swimming with wild dolphins: