whale watching azores
whale watching azores
blue whale azores
Fin Whale in Wave
Blue Whale under the ocean
whale watching azores



Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel Island, Azores

£1190 pp

2021 DATES:

01 – 08 May, 08 – 15 May &

15 – 22 May

  • 2 Full day and 1 half day excursions at the optimum time to see Blue Whales, Fin Whales and Humpback whales migrating past the islands and also the resident Sperm Whales – often seen in large nursery groups. Option for an additional half day trip to sea with your guide.
  • Full day geothermal tour to Furnas to see the hot springs and bubbling mud, bathe in geothermally heated pools and sit down to lunch to sample the traditional Azorean “Cozido” stew cooked underground. 
  • Exclusive small group tour (max 14 guests) with expert marine biologist guide and whale researchers on sturdy catamaran boat with spacious viewing decks, tiered seating and toilet facilities. Your small group will be accompanied by your guide onboard the large boat ( 40-60 capacity) so there will be other passengers onboard for the trips to sea. However your guide will exclusively be with your small group onboard and will ensure you get the best experiences and information.
  • Luxury 4* harbourside hotel ocean view rooms with balcony, breakfast, complimentary welcome drinks, group meal at the beginning and end of holiday, 3 lunches and airport transfers included.

“This tour was quite simply astounding….epic….beyond belief…..” certainly some very happy people!

In addition to our regular weekly whale-watching holidays from March to October, we offer this special small exclusive group tour in May with a program of talks and activities led by our expert whale researcher and marine biologist guides. The dates coincide with the annual migration of the Blue Whales, Fin Whales and Humpbacks. You can join this special small group tour for a more informative experience and get to know others in the group in a baleine et tourismesociable way. The guide will be with your small group ensuring you don’t miss any sightings and ensuring you have a great vantage point for taking photographs and getting the best views of the animals. His explanations really add another dimension to your understanding of the behaviour of the whales. He will also ensure you go out to sea at the optimum times for best sea conditions and weather to maximise your enjoyment.

humpback boatThis is a unique opportunity for you to come and see these Ocean Giants in their Mid Atlantic feeding grounds where the sightings have been exceptional over the last few years.

“We were on the cat and a huge gasp went up from everyone on board; a Fin Whale had swum in front of the boat and opened its mouth out of the water to feed. It was only a split second but that sight is engraved on my memory.” Margaret Merris May 2018

You will stay in the harbour-front Hotel Marina Atlantico in a superior ocean view room with balcony.
Your hotel is ideally located – everything is within easy walking distance from where you can explore the delights of this lively harbour town which is an international port.

In recent years we have been blessed with some exceptional sightings. Our groups have seen Blue Whales, Fin Whales and Humpback whales on many occasions, some so close to the boat you could smell their “exhale” which had the aroma of their over-indulgent feeding on the krill. Even when the weather was a bit challenging we were still able to re schedule cancelled boat trips to another day.

Why are the Blue Whales “Ocean Giants” the choosing the Azores?

Cetaceans are drawn to the Azores by the fertile waters, rich in phytoplankton.phytoplankton

For the past few years, a spring phytoplankton bloom warmed by the temperate waters of the gulf stream around the Azores archipelago has resulted in a unique gathering of huge, ravenous Blue, Fin, Sei and Baleen Whales (largest whales) on their migration routes to the feeding grounds of the northern Atlantic. Their numbers are increasing around the Azores.

We have chosen May dates as statistics show that this time will offer you the best chance to see these migrating whales where they spend a few days to feed on the rich food source here, something unique in the whole of Europe. Our look-outs can spot them from land and direct the boats as they pass close to the volcanic islands. The abundance of dolphins are a delight riding in the boBlue Whale Azoresw wave of the boat and leaping and twirling with joy! It is also possible to observe short finned Pilot Whales, Orca, seven species of dolphin and of course sea birds, and marine life such as turtles and manta ray. Our whale-watching company has a research base offering a wealth of information and resources and it is possible to learn about the many research projects being conducted around the Azores. Lookouts, the “Vigia” on the shore guide us from the local harbour out into the ocean on the south side of the Island. They direct the boats by radio contact to locate the whales. This makes for consistently excellent sightings, the best in the world some say! Our guests are very impressed by the high standard offered by our boat company who are dedicated to offering you the best experience.Fin whale Azores