whale watching azores
whale watching azores
blue whale azores
Fin Whale in Wave
Blue Whale under the ocean
whale watching azores



April – May

2020 & 2021 

Pico Island and Sao Miguel Island, Azores

“We were on the cat and a huge gasp went up from everyone on board; a fin whale had swum in front of the boat and opened its mouth out of the water to feed. It was only a few seconds but that sight is engraved on my memory“ Margaret Merris

Join us on these very special small group tours to visit the unspoilt Azores Islands of Pico and Sao Miguel. Blue Whales are drawn here in huge numbers in the Spring to feast on the nutrient rich waters and the sightings are spectacular. This is the reason researchers choose these locations as there are so many whales. We are often the only boat on the water with the Ocean Giants all around us. All our tours are led by expert whale researchers and guides.

Choose from our tours: Pico Island or Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel Island 



Which Ocean Giants Blue whale tour is for me?

We offer two styles of this very special tour in April and May to see the Ocean Giants in the Azores. The one you choose will be a matter of personal preference. However here are a few tips to help you make your decision:


Expert guide and whale researcher: On both tours you will be accompanied by our expert guide and whale researcher who will enrich your experience both onboard the boats and in the various talks and presentations.


The Style of boat used is a key factor:
The RIB zodiac boat (Pico tour) is a 16 seater boat used solely for the group of 14 persons. It is a more intimate experience and the boat gets you swiftly to the whales when they are sighted. Some people say they like to be so close in the water to the animals. There is no toilet on this boat, just a bucket at the back and a privacy screen during the 3 hour trip.

The large stable Catamaran (Ponta Delgada tour) this is a lovely boat with high viewing platforms, tiered seating, indoor area and toilet facilities. The vantage points to view the whales from a distance are great and it is also good for keen photographers. Your small group will be onboard with your guide and there will be other passengers aboard the vessel too. The trips are  3 hours duration with a lunch on shore during the full days.


Getting there: Sao Miguel Island ( Ponta Delgada ) is served by direct flights from the UK and many other European cities. Pico Island only has flights via Lisbon.


Style of accommodation and the local area: Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel Island is a cosmopolitan town with sophisticated hotels, great restaurants and lots to see and do. The accommodation is a luxury 4**** harbour hotel and each room has an ocean view and balcony.
Pico Island is one of the remote islands and has a simplicity and unspoilt quality that is very appealing to many people. The accommodation tends to be guest houses, a simple harbourside hotel and an upgrade to a cliff top 4**** nature hotel with stunning gardens and breath taking sea views. There are a few good restaurants but very few shops.


2020 dates : Pico Island tour dates are 25Apr – 02 May and 02 May – 09 May. Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel Island tour dates are 09 – 16 May and 16 – 23 May

2021 dates : Pico Island tour dates are 24Apr – 01 May and 01 May – 08 May. Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel Island tour dates are 08 – 15 May and 15 – 22 May

Both tours include airport transfers, 2 evening meals with your guide and full services of our local team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

There has been a dramatic increase in the great Baleen whales around the islands in recent years and The Azores is rapidly becoming known as the “go to place” to see these magnificent creatures. All our tours are guided by expert whale researchers and we get so many amazing comments from our guests saying how much they enjoyed being with the experts and that they felt very privileged to see so many whales.

Amazing whale fact: Did you know the female Blue Whale is bigger than the male Blue Whale which means the biggest creature on the planet is female!!!



“This was certainly the best place to fulfil my dream to see Blue Whales . The size of these creatures is astonishing and our boats approached with such sensitivity. You could see the “blue” colour in the skin and smell the fishy breath as they exhaled! The accommodation was excellent and peaceful with lovely gardens and views of the Ocean. We loved every minute of this special tour “ Julia Peterson