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Join our Swimming with Dolphin Program where you can share the experience with other families. Our guides are really good with children, helping them get confident in the open sea and learning best practice for how to swim with wild dolphins. Dates are during school holidays May, July and August 2017.  

“I want to do this for the rest of my life” Connor aged 14, London

Watch our short clip –  swimming with wild dolphins:

Flexible dates for families.

Some families want to combine Dolphin and Whale watching holidays with our Swim with Dolphins program.  If you would like to do this we can tailor a week combining both in water activities (swim with dolphins program – 3 trips to sea) and on boat whale watching (as many trips as you wish)

The weeks run throughout the school holidays so early booking of flights for these very popular weeks is recommended.

swimming with dolphins Azores sharing the experience 5The holidays are very suitable for children 7+ and adults, and are a great family experience. Children also get a dolphin and whale activity pack and a certificate which shows what they have seen on the water.

Swimming with dolphins – what does it involve..

This involves swimming together or perhaps just floating above them witnessing their exquisite movements and sounds in the big blue as they swim beneath us. Sometimes they gesture and play with us and occasionally an inqswimming with dolphins Azores childen with snorkel - 2uisitive dolphin will come up close and look us in the eye or swim around us in playful curiosity.








Boat trips with child friendly guides

Our guides offer a child friendly approach that makes the experience fun and educational. The children will be given guidance and support so they feel safe and develop confidence when swimming in the open sea. Our guides will give a training for anyone new to using a mask, snorkel and fins with a safety briefing and help with entering the open sea wearing a life jacket.

There will be a group of 8 people on the boats and we enter the water in pairs so our guides can see swimmers from the boat at all times for your safety. We can supply a mask, snorkel and wet suit. We do not provide fins, so bring your own if you want to move fast in the water. You may also like to bring your own equipment to ensure a perfect fit. We assume you have a good swimming ability and of average fitness. You will learn a lot from the resident marine biologist and dolphin swim guide.

Family Accommodation

family room sao miguel park hotel

Large, spacious rooms for families at our 4* hotel

Our family friendly 4**** hotel B&B accommodation has excellent facilities for children and you will have the opportunity to informally meet other families at the hotel, on the boat or at presentations.

The child friendly facilities include an indoor and outdoor pool, games room and the restaurant offers a great buffet breakfast. The rooms are spacious which means you can share in comfort and keep costs down OR book rooms beside one another. The hotel is conveniently located close to a park, shops, the harbour and our boat base.

Holiday Program Overview

Prepare to meet the dolphins!!

Pre-trip preparation information, what to expect, instructions and safety briefing, getting on and off the boat and by the time you see the dolphins, you will be an expert, relaxed and confident with them which means the encounters will be even more special! More..

Practice and get confident swimming

Take to the open sea with masks, snorkel, and fins. Take 3-5 boat trips to see the dolphins, each time is different and as you get the hang of it you will have more amazing experiences. More..

Our expert dolphin swim guides are there to ensure you get the most from this activity. Swimming with dolphins in the azores. They give instruction and support on board, and look after your safety every step of the way. They will give you tips on how to have really great encounters and ensure everyone on board gets the best opportunities. More..

Re-entering the boat 6 v2Approach dolphins with respect!

Learn responsible boat approaches from our expert skippers and how to behave in the water resulting in minimum disturbance to the dolphin’s natural behaviour. This also means the animals will be calm with us rather than swimming away to avoid us! More..

Learn about the Azores dolphins:

Behaviour, communication and interesting scientific facts about how they live. The Marine biologists will offer fascinating presentations during your holiday with information on conserving the habitat of the dolphins. More..

Welfare of the wild dolphins:

We do everything to minimize disturbance upon the dolphins and their habitat. We invite our guests to be involved, giving feedback when on the water and ensuring all operators are following the best practice guidelines. More..


Best Encounters with dolphins

The week program ensures you get the best opportunities for sightings and that you become skilled and relaxed in the water swimming with wild dolphins, so they accept you as part of their world! They can be very curious! Your trips are booked in advance going out from less crowded areas. If there is any bad weather you will be given priority replacement of trips. View a sample itinerary here..
Add on whale and dolphin watching trips and also land tours to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Island. More..


Dolphins & Whales in the Azores

There are phenomenal numbers of dolphins and whales in the Azorean waters. The islands are a major meeting place for both humans and cetaceans & attract scientists, natuLeaping Risso Judith Scott v2ralists, international photographers and divers as well as some tourists. It is also a port of call for transatlantic yachtsmen.

The Azores is one of the best places in the world to see an abundance of dolphins and whales – the many different resident and transient species of dolphin are seen here in what is so
metimes referred to as “The Cetacean cross-roads of the world.” It is not uncommon to meet pods of dolphin of between 50 and 200, leaping with exuberance and vitality around the boats or meet 5 different species on one trip!


swimming with dolphins Azores family on boat - 1 v2

 How to book

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