Option 1:

Special Family Group tour with expert guide on specific dates and special educational program

Option 2:

Flexible date Family Whale and Dolphin watching holidays.


  • Dolphin and Whale watching trips to sea with expert guide.
  • Specific school holiday dates with other families.
  • Fun, educational talks, activitities and presentations.
  • Option to add our Swimming with Dolphins Program.

The Dolphin and Whale Connection are excited to be introducing this fun and educational family holiday. Designed with families in mind they offer you and your children the opportunity to be part of something incredible – learning about whales and dolphins, seeing them from the boats and the chance to help preserve our oceans!

blue whale by boat

Russell with lots of kids








These holiday experiences are only available for 3 weeks during the year and are led by our very own Whale and Dolphin Superhero – Russell Arnott MSc. He will run all age workshops and he will then accompany you out on the boat.  FIND OUT MORE.

Week 1: 27th May – 3rd June

Week 2: 29th July – 5th August

Week 3: 5th August – 12th August.



  • Flexible dates – Saturday departures from April to October.
  • Attractive family prices for a basic package of accommodation, transfers, trips to sea with local guide services and talks
  • In addition, create your own tailor made itinerary with additional Island tours, activities and “Swimming with dolphins” program
  • Informally meet other families at the hotel, on the boat or at presentations

If you decide that you want to be more flexible with your dates and itinerary, these holidays have 3 dolphin and whale watching trips to sea to which you can add on other activities. Join us from April to October with boat trips on either a large catamaran or a RIB zodiac boat.

boatpic with whale

These holidays are very popular during school holidays so early booking of flights is recommended. The holidays are suitable for children 7+ and adults and are a great family experience, as the kids get to make friends while the parents relax!



07_julho_08 pilot whale looking







Either of the above holidays are available to combine with the Swimming with Dolphins program.

Family Accommodation and discount

family roomOur 4**** hotel B&B accommodation offers fantastic facilities for families – there is an indoor and outdoor pool, games room and the restaurant offers a great buffet breakfast. The rooms are spacious which means you can share in comfort and keep costs down OR book rooms beside one another. The hotel is conveniently located close to a park, shops, the harbour and our boat base.



Dolphins & Whales in the Azores

There are phenomenal numbers of dolphins and whales in the Azorean waters. The islands are a major meeting place for both humans and cetaceans & attract scientists, naturalists, international photographers and divers as well as some tourists. It is also a port of call for transatlantic yachtsmen.

Blue whale and calf ( calf foreground mother mouth behind)

Blue whale and calf ( calf foreground mother mouth behind)

The Azores is one of the best places in the world to see an abundance of dolphins and whales – the many different resident and transient species of dolphin are seen here in what is sometimes referred to as “The Cetacean cross-roads of the world.” It is not uncommon to meet pods of dolphin of between 50 and 200, leaping with exuberance and vitality around the boats or meet 5 different species on one trip!

Sample itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in the Azores and transfer to your family room in our hotel. Welcome briefing and introductions, complimentary drinks, orientation in the local area. Schedule of whale and dolphin watching boat trips will be discussed and you will have a chance to meet the whole team today or tomorrow.

Day 2: Boat trip 1 whale and dolphin watching trip to sea ( 3 hours).
After breakfast, attend our audio-visual briefing about the whales and dolphins of the Azores, with lots of fun child friendly visuals and information about the history of whaling and whale watching in the Azores. Children will be given their whale and dolphin activity packs.

Day 3: Breakfast. Morning boat trip 2 – Family whale and dolphin watching. The afternoon can be spent swimming in the hotel outdoor pool, on the beach or  snorkelling practice together in the lagoon.Leaping Risso Judith Scott v2

Day 4: Breakfast. Morning swim in the hotel pool.  Or an additional whale and dolphin watching trip. Optional half day cycling tour. Late afternoon visit to the Vigia, the lookout who can spot the whales from 30 km. Children can try their own spotting skills! Nature walks, exploring the wildlife inland, or free time by the lagoon relaxing.

Day 5: Breakfast. Morning boat trip 3 – Family whale and dolphin watching. Optional afternoon family Jeep tour of the Island to see the islands stunning scenery, lakes and forests.

Day 6: Breakfast. Relax or take an additional whale and dolphin watching trip.  Optional half day kayaking or land tour to see hot thermal activites,: geysers spurting hot mud and swim in the hot thermal lake. Afternoon exploring and swimming in the lagoon and sea. Evening – presentations of whale watching certificates to children and family group guide final audio visual presentation and photo sharing to group.

Day 7: Breakfast. Depending upon the time of your flight you may have time for some souvenir shopping with the family. Departure with transfer.

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