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Family Whale and Dolphin Watching – option 2

“A family focused adventure which is educational & fun  – sharing an experience of a lifetime…”

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If you decide that you want to be more flexible with your dates.  You can join any of the holidays, weekly departures from April to October.  These are popular in school holiday times when you will share the experience with other families, so early booking of flights is recommended.

The holidays are suitable for children 6 yrs+, ( discount sharing family rooms).

Boat trips with child friendly guides


Our local guides and marine biologists offer a child friendly approach that makes the experience fun and educational.

Enjoy observing the marine mammals from the large catamaran on dolphin and whale watching trips. The on-board guides will give you lots of information about what you are seeing and offer presentations before you go out to sea.

More about dolphin and whale watching in the Azores here

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You can add on our Family Swimming with Dolphins program


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Family Accommodation and discount

family room sao miguel park hotelOur 4**** hotel B&B accommodation offers fantastic facilities for families  – there is an indoor and outdoor pool, games room and the restaurant offers a great buffet breakfast. The rooms are spacious which means you can share in comfort and keep costs down OR book rooms beside one another. The hotel is conveniently located close to a park, shops, the harbour and our boat base.

Dolphins & Whales in the Azores

There are phenomenal numbers of dolphins and whales in the Azorean waters. The islands are a major meeting place for both humans and cetaceans & attract scientists, naturalists, international photographers and divers as well as some tourists. It is also a port of call for transatlantic yachtsmen.Leaping Risso Judith Scott v2

The Azores is one of the best places in the world to see an abundance of dolphins and whales – the many different resident and transient species of dolphin are seen here in what is sometimes referred to as “The Cetacean cross-roads of the world.” It is not uncommon to meet pods of dolphin of between 50 and 200, leaping with exuberance and vitality around the boats or meet 5 different species on one trip!