Azores landscape
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Sete Ciadades Azores

Around Sao Miguel Island from Ponta Delgada

Additional tours can be added to your itinerary which can either be pre-booked or booked when you are on holiday. These tours are all paid for locally in euros and are not included in the cost of your holiday with us.

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The sea around the Azores provides an opportunity to have fantastic diving experiences. Due to volcanic origins and the distance between the American and European continents, there are stunning caves underwater, thermal water springs, unique vegetation, natural reefs, rocks and diverse marine life. Water temperature is warmer from May until December due to the Gulf Streams. If you love diving or would like to try it, the Azores is an amazing place to have a great experience underwater!

Walking Tours

azoresWe provide a range of walking tours   of varied levels of difficulty and schedules to suit all abilities. Guests   can visit the countryside and/or the sea coast. You will pass by lakes,   waterfalls, hot water springs,   mountains, forests, ancient volcano craters, ancient roads and wild beauty,   enjoying the endemic fauna and flora. Trekking is also available in our   programs. We offer climbs on the more challenging mountainous terrain. The   landscape of the island never fails to amaze!

“Walking tours are a great way to immerse yourself in the breath taking and diverse scenery of the islands”

Mountain Bike Tours

You can also enjoy the island on our mountain bike tours. We provide bikes and equipment and you are accompanied by a specialist guide.skedaddle photo 2

4 x 4 Safaris

4 x 4 safaris help the visitor to see the islands from a different perspective and with plenty adventure. Our   programs offer a great range of tours incorporating the main attractions as   well as off the road tracks, enhancing your experience of the island. Half and full day trips are available taking in the great lakes, thermal springs and   waterfalls. You can also swim in a thermal lake set in verdant botanical   gardens.

Geotourism / Volcano  Watching

The Azores Archipelago has volcanic origins and   it is considered by many to have exceptional landscape due to this influence.   Recent eruptions are visible and can be visited. The volcanic origins of the   islands created mountains and valleys covered by a luxurious and varied   vegetation, lakes in ancient volcano craters, hot water springs, thermal hot   water fountains and cascades, stupendous peaks contrasting with cultivated fields. We offer organized trips to several geological interest spots.


Canyoning in Nordeste

Jump, slide and abseil in a totally natural environment, descending along Canyoning (2) smallstreams that flow from the mountain top, completely surrounded by endemic forest.

Canyoning (1) small






Paddle board or Kayak in Sete CidadesDSC01515

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding are fun ways to experience the lake and be one with the water and its surroundings. Stand up paddle boarding is becoming very popular and is easy to master.


Create your own itinerary!

Choose your own land and sea tours from our selection and create your own tour schedule, tailored specifically to your taste and pace.


 Other activities

We also organise sport fishing tours, bird watching, cultural and historical tours, sea kayaking, and snorkelling excursions.