Swimming with wild dolphins guests

Please read the important information below and enter the names of all guests in your booking to confirm your acceptance of these termsI hereby affirm that I am of good health to participate in the activity.
I have completed the Dolphin and Whale Connection medical form. I have revealed all information about my health and physical fitness which is up to date and I have not withheld any information.

I confirm that I can swim, I am confident snorkelling in open water. After swimming, I will climb back on board the boat using a small ladder. I will make the crew aware if I have any joint or back problems so they can best advise me.
I will familiarise myself with the ‘normal operating procedures’ and ‘emergency operating procedures’ that are followed by the local operator which, when I understand and agree, I will comply. This means that in the event of any difficulty I may experience, I know that all procedures are in place to respond appropriately. I also understand that snorkelling in open water and being a passenger on a sea going vessel is a physically strenuous activity and that I will be exerting myself doing this. I fully agree to LISTEN to INSTRUCTIONS and follow the guidance of the boat crew on board.
I confirm that I am not taking any medication that carries a warning about impairment of my physical or mental abilities. I agree to abide by the safety regulations and codes of conduct set out by the Dolphin and Whale Connection and to follow recommendations from the local operator regarding activity in the water and around the dolphins and Whales. If I have any past or present medical conditions that would put me at risk, I confirm that I have sought medical advice as to my participation in the programme which has been authorised. I am not withholding any information from the operator which would put me at risk. I am responsible for my participation in the program and will opt out if I feel something is beyond my limits and will request assistance if I need it.

Liability Release Declaration Form