The Dolphin and Whale Connection have a large dedicated team, with some of us working in the office and others accompanying the tours as guides. We also use the services of local experts at the location to look after our guests.


The Team

Amanda Stafford

AmandaAmanda founded The Dolphin Whale Connection and has spent many years exploring her fascination with dolphins, whales and the marine environment. She has worked in the field of cetacean research and inter-species communication. She is also involved with environmental conservation and is actively involved with the WCA and We are a sponsor of whale-fest and promote many of the holidays there.

Amanda is an “eco-prenneur” keeping the vision of responsible tourism and conservation alive in the continued growth of The Dolphin & Whale Connection. Above all she has an infectious enthusiasm and passion about dolphins and whales. She believes being in their presence can inspire and empower changes in how we live a more meaningful life. “Over many years swimming and interacting with wild dolphins, I have found a relationship with life that is less and less interrupted by self-doubt and negativity. There is more and more fun, love, abundance and freedom.” There is also a deeper desire to give something back to the magnificent oceans and preserve them. She is an active partner in the WCA which campaigns against specific issues threatening cetaceans.

Gaynor Evans

Gaynor has over 20 years experience of working within the travel industry and takes care of all the booking details. She is very helpful and makes things run very efficiently so that you receive a high level of customer service. If you have any queries when booking, she will be with you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the arrangements for your trip at anytime, just give Gaynor a call on 01273 882778 or send her an email

Jon Spong

jonheadshotJon is our webmaster and graphic designer and he takes care of our online presence together with some of our business marketing. He is passionate about swimming with wild dolphins and is a competent scuba and free diver. On trips with the Dolphin and Whale Connection together with his young son, they spend more time under the water than above it! He takes very little persuading to participate in any aquatic activities and if he’s not down the local swimming pool, he is found surfing on the nearest beach on the South coast of England!