Aurora Borealis

aurora borealis northern lights

The spectacular Aurora Borealis is very active at this time of year and this location is particularly famous for excellent sightings at night when light pollution is minimal. The lights appear in the sky when the “activity” is high. This spectacle gives an almost otherworldly movement of bright colour that is spell binding. The activity is forecast so will have a clear indication when the lights will be visible. Cloud cover can mask the appearance of the lights so we will endeavour to take you to areas that are clear on nights of high activity. This gives us all the best chance to “track down” the lights and be amazed!

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Chasing the Lights….

If the cloud cover around the village is particularly heavy on nights with strong activity of the Northern Lights, we will arrange a “Northern Light Hunting Tour” where we go in search of the lights to areas where we have been reliably informed of less cloud cover. This is known as “Chasing the Lights”.