Boat trips with child friendly guides

swimming with dolphins in the azores 6 - 600

Our guides offer a child friendly approach that makes the experience fun and educational. The children will be given guidance and support so they feel safe and develop confidence when swimming in the open sea. Our guides will give a training for anyone new to using a mask, helping-child-into-water-swdsnorkel and fins with a safety briefing and help with entering the open sea wearing a life jacket.

You will be given a full briefing by our expert dolphin swim guides before going out on the boats and a short practice at getting in and out of the water so you will be more confident at using your mask and snorkel. They will teach you “best practice” for non-intrusive interactions. This is also to make sure you are safe in the water at all times. You will be with a small group of 8 people on the boats and we enter the water in pairs in rotation and usually spend between 10 – 15 minutes with the dolphins each time depending on their mood. You are likely to have several swims on each 3 hour trip.

getting into the waterOur guides can see swimmers from the boat at all times for your safety. We do not provide fins, so bringexcited-about-seeing-a-dolphin your own if you want to move fast in the water. You may also like to bring your own equipment to ensure a perfect fit.

We assume you have a good swimming ability and that you have experience of using a mask and snorkel ( if not ask for extra instruction )and that you are of average fitness. Life jackets are provided on the boats but please bring your own buoyancy aid if you are not a very confident swimmer. Your resident dolphin swim guide is there to offer you advice throughout if needed.

Relaxed encounters are best!

After many years of taking people to swim with wild dolphins we find the best encounters are when the people are relaxed and almost touching dolphinnot “chasing” the dolphins. The dolphins are naturally very curious, playful and sociable and we let them approach us! However, they are wild animals and we always respect their moods and behaviour and let that determine when and how long we stay in the water with them.


For information about local sea temperatures please check here.

dolphin guide pointing to pics

The guide on the boat explains all about the species you have seen