DIANE MULLOY – “The most memorable thing for me was seeing the blow of our first-ever sighting of a sperm whale! Then jumping into our seats and speeding across the Atlantic Ocean until we got within a short distance as the whale surfaced. Seeing the whale diving and throwing up the iconic whale tail.. And all captured by my camera… I was literally blown away and couldn’t wait for the next sighting.

The holiday supported the local people working hard to give visitors the experience of their lives. Instead of whaling the islanders can earn a living from whale-watching.

This was one of the best holidays I have ever had. It was exciting , humbling, awe-inspiring and such an amazing experience – unforgettable and just beautiful. The tour operator, the skippers and all the staff were so interesting, informative and very friendly. If you love whales and the thrill of speeding across the ocean and beautiful scenery all in one then this holiday is a must.”

MARY GARDNER  – “We thoroughly enjoyed our  whale-watching trips where we saw many sperm whales and several different types of dolphin, and also a trip to Furnas where we spent an hour or so in the hot pool there. Worth a visit, and the gardens are lovely.

Take advantage of the Island tours on offer, to see as much of the island as you can as the scenery is spectacular. The local travel guides are very knowledgable and provide a lot of background information on the island. The boats were careful not to get too close to the whales or disrupt their activities. I am sure the local economy is benefitting from the tourist trade and helping local people and employment.

Very memorable trip, all the locals we met were extremely nice and helpful and we were very lucky with our whale and dolphin sightings. “

DENISE WATSON – “The way the operator looked for the dolphins and whales was very sensitively done, there was no chasing or harassing the animals – it was completely on the animals’ terms at all times and carried out with respect. I was very impressed. Also the staff were all very knowledgable and able to answer all questions, as well as provide very interesting info throughout the trips – they were great!

This was a fab holiday and experience. To experience these animals in their natural environment was just amazing. We also saw flying fish, turtles, three types of dolphins and a fin whale – wow!!

STEWART SINCLAIRE  – “The whole trip was an adventure. The boat trips were amazing. We were lucky enough to see three different types of dolphin on each trip and a manta ray on one of the trips.

The operator minimised environmental impacts and supported conservation. The animals’ welfare was always taken into account on our approach. The guides were very knowledgeable and answered any questions we had.”

This was a truly amazing holiday !!

ALISON ANDREWS –  “We thoroughly enjoyed our trip; the people, animals and islands were a joy.  The travel company were highly efficient and our itinerary was delivered faultlessly.

The whale-watching was spectacular, and the island is so beautiful and unspoilt with great views and lovely walks.

If you are thinking about taking this holiday, I would say don’t delay in going