LISA NEWMAN – “The first time the dolphins came close to us in the water: being able to hear the clicks and squeaks as they sussed us out, seeing the bubbles they blew at us and watching them look us in the eye as they shimmied past.

I can sum up the holiday in 4 words:


SUZIE PALMER  – “Seeing such a range of species of marine mammals at close quarters in their natural environment. Superb. This holiday was all I had hoped and more.”

CHRIS WOODING – “A wonderful experience. The location was great, the waters around the Azores are naturally teeming with sea life. Being in the water with wild dolphins swimming around us was such an amazing privilege.”

“The most memorable part of this wonderful holiday was swimming with the dolphins and when they came up close to you it was amazing. I will never forget it. Seeing whales was fantastic. Exhilarating! I also absolutely loved the Azores Islands the hotel was stunning. I will also never forget the great friends my son and I made in our ‘group’. I went as a single mum of a 12 and a half year old son and it was the perfect holiday for us. We both made friends and the whole group had such fun together both on the boat trips and in the evenings.

If you are thinking of booking, cancel and send me instead!

AMANDA KIRBY  –  “The boat trips were very sympathetic to the wildlife in the ocean. The skippers would not stay around dolphins if they were showing distressed behaviour or were anxious because there were a lot of young dolphins in the pod. This made swimming with the dolphins even more special because you realised they were completely wild and if they came near you it was because they wanted to. The skippers and crew were very knowledgeable about the sea life (we had a marine biologist out with us nearly every day!) They are probably very instrumental in monitoring species in the area and we were lucky to see a couple of whale species not normally seen where we were staying.

This was probably the best holiday I have ever been on. The Dolphin and Whale Connection’s ethos is first class. Both my son and I will never forget it. I absolutely relished being close to nature out at sea and on the island. I am definitely considering travelling to see more dolphins or whales in other parts of the world. As I mentioned before meeting great people and where we stayed also made our holiday”

LYNN MACDONALD – “The Azores are one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to. They should not be missed. Swimming with dolphins made it into a truly amazing experience. We can’t wait to go again”

MARGARET SIPCY – “I loved Swimming with the dolphins, watching them play with the boat and also seeing a sea turtle.

The dolphins and whales were respected by the locals and tour operators, this was reinforced and I fully approved. Tourists obviously benefit the locals who were mostly multi lingual and all very welcoming and polite.

Amazing, met all my expectations and more. I intend to return and do it all again along with taking in more inland trips although I can’t wait to enjoy swimming with dolphins again too!”

FREYA RYDER  – “Words cannot express the magic of swimming in amongst a pod of wild Bottlenose dolphins! Those moments will last a lifetime for me. To be able to swim with 2 different species of dolphin in 1 holiday is pretty special and I feel so privileged.

The local team were excellent. They clearly knew the dolphins well and were very respectful and gave us good instructions and practice so we felt confident when we met the dolphins This enabled us to have the best possible swimming experience, as well as the dolphins. The environmental and conservation ethics of the company were a very important factor in me

I had an absolutely fabulous holiday. It was without a doubt one of the best things I have ever done!”