Holiday: Family Blue Whale Bonanza May 2019

Guest: Rosalind Roberts

Many thanks to you and the team. We had a really lovely holiday. Loved our two days out at sea, in particular the ‘be a marine biologist day’. We saw sperm whale, sei whale, risso’s dolphins and had an amazing encounter with a large group of bottlenose dolphins. Kids also fascinated by flying fish and portugese men o war. Really knowledgeable and engaging guides, they really caught the kids attention who were very excited to learn how to use a hydrophone and listen to the animals underwater
Also enjoyed getting out and about on San Miguel, using the hire car to reach a number of fab walks provided by tourist information office and also swimming in thermal pools. Accommodation was great, all the arrangements worked perfectly smoothly and it was a bonus to be in Ponta Delgado for their annual festival. All in all a great experience. Thank you!




I could just write four words to describe our holiday: “ Out of this world ”.  All three of us had an absolutely fantastic time, had loads of dolphin encounters with three of the four species, saw sperm whales breaching, pilot whales breathing on surface , bryde whales being elusive  ….. truly magical, and better than we had dared to hope for. Have to say how much we were impressed by the local  team  as well.  Their commitment to the welfare of the cetaceans was really humbling – and their commitment to ensuring that everyone of us had the most amazing time possible.  We could not have asked more from anyone.  This holiday was worth every penny we paid.  Thank you.  When we decide to go on one of your holidays in The Red Sea we will definitely be in touch. 

Best regards Lisa, Andy and Jenny Newman

This was an outstanding holiday! Seeing the blow of our first ever sighting of a sperm whale! Then jumping into our seats and speeding across the Atlantic Ocean until we got within a short distance away  from her in time to see the whale diving and throwing up the iconic whale tail.   And all captured by my camera… I was literally blown away and couldn’t wait for the next sighting. We are returning as soon as we can!

Diane and Peter Malloy

What was the most memorable or exciting part of your holiday? – Crystal clear blue seas and blue skies – Seeing so many whales and dolphins in their natural habitat and on their own terms, with human beings having to play second fiddle for a change – The passion, knowledge and genuine love of their work shown by all the guides – The group bonding that derives from a common shared experience

All the guides at the base were local people who had a deep commitment to animal welfare and to minimising the environmental footprint of our holiday This was the most wonderful week ever. I cannot thank the local team and the Dolphin Connection enough. I would not hesitate to go back again, and very much hope to do so  in the future.

Ali Pemble

This really was a “Holiday of a life time”  Really hard to choose from so many memorable and exciting moments. We saw Whales and Dolphins every day and every sighting was special in its own way.  Seeing a Sei Whale was particularly impressive due to its size and rarity of sightings at that time of year.  The people we met (both staff and other people on the trip) also left us with amazing memories as they were all such nice people.  The captains and guides seemed to really love their work and were as excited by what we saw as everyone else.  They were so friendly and extremely knowledgable. Everything about it was excellent and I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on.

Richard Burgess Gamble

My trip to the Azores was tremendous. I was a bit apprensive of a 2 starhotel  but lovely, bright, clean, functional rooms and excellent cooking, served beautifully, was just right. The local team and the skippers went out of their way to look after me. The sight of being in the middle of around 500 dolphins will stay with me for a long,long time. Both the sea and land crews did everything possible to make my holiday exceptional. I would recommend this holiday

Alex Gordon

“Normally quite passive, I found myself going as wild with delight as everyone else!”

David Hirst, Sunday Times Lifestyle

“This is something I will tell my grandchildren about”

Clare, aged 12 after close encounter with a sperm Whale

“I never expected to encounter such an abundance of dolphins. Hundreds surrounded our boat, leaping, clicking, making love all around us. They stayed with us for hours sharing their world with ours. The experience of abundance, freedom and pure joy had an inspirational effect on my life back home. ”

Alex Fisher – Editor– Coast Magazine

The holiday  was wonderful experience.  The location was great, the waters around the Azores are naturally teeming with sea life.  Being in the water with wild dolphins swimming around us was such an amazing privilege.

The local boat company were excellent.  Very well organised and very professional in the way they approach the animals.  They took the welfare of the animals very seriously, far more so than some other local companies we observed.  I commend them very highly for their approach.

We had an excellent time!  Everything was well organised and went like clockwork.  I went with my 14-year-old daughter and she has not stopped talking about it since we came back.  A wonderful experience and one we will always remember.

Chris wooding

“We thoroughly enjoyed our whale-watching trips where we saw many sperm whales and several different types of dolphin, and also a trip to Furnas where we spent an hour or so in the hot pool there. Worth a visit, and the gardens are lovely.
Take advantage of the Island tours on offer, to see as much of the island as you can as the scenery is spectacular. The local travel guides are very knowledgable and provide a lot of background information on the island. The boats were careful not to get too close to the whales or disrupt their activities. I am sure the local economy is benefitting from the tourist trade, helping local people and employment.
A very memorable trip – all the locals we met were extremely nice and helpful and we were very lucky with our whale and dolphin sightings. “

Mary Gardener

“The way the operator looked for the dolphins and whales was very sensitively done, there was no chasing or harassing the animals – it was completely on the animals’ terms at all times and carried out with respect. I was very impressed. Also the staff were all very knowledgeable and able to answer all questions, as well as provide very interesting info throughout the trips. They were great! This was a fab holiday and experience. To experience these animals in their natural environment was just amazing. We also saw flying fish, turtles, three types of dolphins and a fin whale – wow!!

Denise Watson

“The whole trip was an adventure. The boat trips were amazing. We were lucky enough to see three different types of dolphin on each trip and a manta ray on one of the trips.
The operator minimised environmental impacts and supported conservation. The animals’ welfare was always taken into account on our approach. The guides were very knowledgeable and answered any questions we had.
This was a truly amazing holiday!!”

Stewart Sinclaire