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Physeter (3)Physeter (3)Whale Watching Azores

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Choose from either a large stable catamaran for great vantage points, toilet facilities and indoor/outdoor seating. Alternatively, our faster hard hulled rigid inflatable boat (RIB’s) for a exhilarating ride and to get close to the action quickly. These have cushioned seats and almost “fly” through the water.

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 Vigia “look out”

Whale watching in The Azores is unique and offers some of the best sightings in the world not only because of the location but also because we are assisted by the vigia tower with flap up“Vigia”, local land based lookouts. Sighting the dolphins and whales is easier in the Azores than many other locations due to the assistance of the Vigia. These are the men who traditionally used to act as land-based lookouts for hunting whales. Now they use their reman with binocularsmarkable tracking skills to scan the sea, identifying and locating different species, and, through radio contact, direct our boats to them. We are lucky to have some of the most skilled and experienced Vigia working with us to help find the dolphins and whales quickly. This guarantees more opportunities to encounter the animals and spend time with them. This is a very exciting – we see dolphins and whales on 99% of our trips to sea!