Example whale and dolphin watching in the Azores itinerary

Day 1: Arrival. Transfer from the airport to your accommodation where you can settle in and get to know the local area. Depending on your arrival time, you can relax and enjoy a light supper at the hotel or a local restaurant.  You will receive a restaurant guide in your welcome pack.
Day 2: After breakfast and a relaxed morning, you can then make your way to the base, a leisurely 20- minute stroll away, where your boat trip schedule can be discussed and you can meet the team. Be sure to visit the botanical garden close to the hotel. BELOW IS A SAMPLE ITINERARY which you can add to with sea or land based tours as you choose: you will be given your own personal schedule and you can pre-reserve land tours and land activities in addition to your trips to sea.

If you are eager to get out to sea, take your first whale and dolphin watching trip.  There will be an audio-visual briefing about the whales and dolphins of the Azores either on the boat or in the base followed by a trip to sea.

Each evening you can chose to eat at the hotel or enjoy sampling the excellent restaurants from our restaurant guide.

Day 3: Breakfast. Morning boat trip 2 – Whale and dolphin watching activity. The afternoon can be spent relaxing by the hotel pool or visiting the local caves. There is also the option of an afternoon Jeep tour to see the island’s stunning scenery, lakes and forests. Walks and hikes are also available. Visit famous sightseeing spots revealing the island’s history.
Day 4: Breakfast. Morning boat trip 3- Whale and dolphin watching activity.  Visit to the local botanical gardens close to the hotel. You have the opportunity to visit the vineyards with an exceptional wine-tasting activity as well as the famous tea plantation. The Azores is the only place in Europe to grow tea!
Day 5: Breakfast.   Optional day excursion to Furnas to enjoy the geothermal craters and geysers – see the steam rising from rocks and sample the local cuisine which is cooked underground.  Visit to the famous botanical gardens in Furnas created 100 years ago by the gardeners of Kew.  Within the garden there is a hot thermal lake, so take your bathing suit!
Day 6: Breakfast. Morning boat trip 5  – The more adventurous may want to visit our activity centre by the lakes to enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding or mountain biking with guides. In the afternoon you can make an optional visit to the Vigia, the lookout who can spot the whales from 30 km.  Try your own spotting skills! Nature walks, exploring the wildlife inland, or free time relaxing. You could also visit the thermal spa .
Day 7: Breakfast. You may want to add another whale and dolphin watching session.
Day 8: