The Dolphin and Whale Holiday of a Lifetime!

“One of the best places in the world to see whales and dolphins”

06_junho_pedro striped dolphin30pcThe Azores is one of the best places in the world to see Whales and dolphins. It is remote and the waters are rich in nutrients which attracts huge numbers of Whales and dolphins. This is a very exciting opportunity and it is common on all trips to sight sperm whales and a variety of other cetaceans. There is a good chance to see the Blue Whale, the biggest mammal on earth! as well as fin and sei whales in the spring. There are at least 15 different species frequently sighted. Our guests are blessed with seeing huge numbers of whales and dolphins throughout the season.

“The numbers of boats are well regulated and the animals are approached responsibly with minimum disturbance.”

Ocean GiantsThis is a very exciting opportunity – we see dolphins and whales on 99% of our trips to sea!

Whale watching in The Azores is unique and offers some of the best sightings in the world as we are assisted by the “Vigia”, local land based lookouts. Before the ban on whale hunting, these look outs were used to hunt the whales. However now they are employed in ethical tourism and they direct the boats to a sighting that can be 20 km away!

Our local boat company have been taking people to see the whales and dolphins for 20 years and are regarded as the “experts”. The skippers have great skill and sensitivity in approaching the animals and you will learn a lot from the resident marine biologist.

When to go

baleen whale from the deck of catThere is no ‘best time’ to see whales and dolphins in the Azores as many species are encountered year round. The large baleen whales (blue, fin and sei whales) migrate past the islands in the spring, with May and June being a great time to spot them on our trips. We offer 2 tours in early May ( The Blue whale tour ‘Ocean Giants Azores’) which you can join if you want to be part of a group with a UK expert group leader. Or you can visit any time in May and June. Sperm whales, however, are seen throughout the year, being a ‘resident’ species, as are many of the dolphin species.

Late July and August are peak season in the Azores, so prices rise and tourist numbers increase, but great encounters can be had throughout the summer. Many of our clients choose to visit the islands out of high season, either to see the migrating whales in the spring, or in September and October when prices drop but sightings are still great.

sperm whales pedro madruga

Location of our whale and dolphin watching tours in the Azores

Our whale and dolphin watching tours in the Azores take place in Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel. Ponta Delgada is the cosmopolitan capital of Sao Miguel Island which is the largest and most populated island in the archaepelago. The delightful traditional Portuguese architecture and cobbled streets retain the elegant charm of bygone years and Ponta Delgada is just 15 minutes away from the wild and beautiful countryside with its mountains, lakes and hot springs.

Ponta Delgada

Accommodation options

We have chosen accommodation with excellent facilities and great locations for our guests on this tour. Choose from either 4**** hotel BB or a budget Pousada  More details here…



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