Our History

The Dolphin and Whale Connection Ltd is based in Brighton on the south coast of England. We have been established since 1995, growing steadily over the years to improve our service as well as the number of locations we visit. Our local team in each location have a high level of experience and expertise so you are really with some of the best skippers and local guides available.

We maintain a small and personal approach so that everyone feels welcome and well taken care of. It is a privilege for us to facilitate each person’s unique adventure with the dolphins and whales.

We take people to beautiful places worldwide that are key locations for dolphins and whales. We have been taking groups to the Azores for over 17 years and have specialist knowledge of the marine life and the islands. We are involved with marine conservation initiatives through campaigns and awareness raising films. We are a member of the WCA – The World Cetacean Alliance

Our guests are welcomed into the company of people who have dedicated their lives to marine conservation and to developing sustainable ways to introduce humans into the world of dolphins and whales. Our team love what they do with a passion. We offer a wealth of experience, expertise and sensitivity in how we introduce people to these playful and highly intelligent creatures in the wild.

Why choose us? In the Azores:

  • Our team have 20 years experience with expert and friendly skippers and marine biologist offering talks about research projects and life in the Azorean Ocean. Our priority is getting you to the action and the team will do everything they can to ensure you get the best opportunities for sightings.
  • Resident lookouts or “vigia” to locate the whales and direct boats to the action by radio contact, thus guaranteeing more sightings. You will go out at best times to see the dolphins and whales.
  • Boats are maintained to a high standard by in house boat engineers and are never more than 3/4 years old thus we offer a very reliable service with high safety standards which is important for our guests.
  • Our boat company also arrange all our land tours and have excellent trained guides. We book all sea and land tours through one company who manage your whole itinerary during your holiday. If there are any boat cancellations they will be replaced at another time during your stay. This service is invaluable as if there is any weather disruption, flexibility is the key.
  • English, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch spoken.

What makes us different?

The personal touch…

These trips are real adventures… opening doorways to new discoveries and possibilities. The groups are small and friendly. It is beautiful to share our stories of this experience with others. Many of our guests are touched by the quality of care from our team who are there to listen and respond to everyone personally.

Responsible Tourism and Local Relationships

We have spent a great deal of time researching each location and only work with local people and companies who have high standards of professional expertise and environmental awareness, as well as considerable wisdom and sensitivity in how they approach the dolphins. We follow responsible whale watching regulations. Our relationships with the local people have grown over the years in mutual trust and respect – it is a privilege to introduce our guests to them and cultivate a unique, sustainable eco-tourism.

Group Affinity

Something extraordinary seems to happen to people on the trips and there is a lot of ‘connection’ in sharing the adventure with others of like mind and spirit. Due to the nature of what we are doing together, there is an especially warm, friendly atmosphere in the groups and you feel, both out on the water and back on the land, that you are all sharing in something rare and special.

The Spirit of Dolphin & Whale Connection

Reconnecting with Nature

It is very special to be on the open ocean when these wild animals choose to interact with us. For many there is a profound relationship with nature and life at a very subtle level. We are often more in touch with our instincts and intuition. People frequently describe feelings of love, openness and confidence. They often experience a freedom of spirit and imagination they hadn’t known before and return home more inspired and openhearted.

Respect for Nature

Our purpose in introducing people to these magnificent creatures, is to raise awareness of conservation issues and the delicate balance of earth ecology. People often take back into their lives a sense of how they want to contribute to the sustainability of the environment and build more holistic lifestyles as a result of their personal experiences. We also inform our guests of campaigns and conservations initiatives they can be involved with.

Other Dimensions

From our observations out on the water with the dolphins and whales, we see the “Dolphin & Whale Connection” as opening up other realms of sensing, feeling and perceiving. In the same way that listening to music, rhythm and sound can transport us to another plane of experience, so can the presence of the dolphins and their sound vibrations lead to a heightened experience of our feeling nature and other dimensions of reality.